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Posted by Henrik Carlsen on 13 Jan 2006, 3:28 a.m.

I can't live without my RPN-calculator!

I'm not a great Mathematician but the RPN-way of doing math along with the quality of the HP28c grasped me. We currently have three 28c in our household and the faulty Microsoft calculator is replaced with Calc98. If we can find intact ones the number definitely will increase.

Later on the 48 arrived but it never appealed to me due to the many functions assigned to each key; but it could do data transfer by IR or by serial connection (the IR was creatively used by some Engineering students who modified the led and began sharing the results at exams - it was quickly discovered though, as the exam guards themselves were retired Engineers).

One great flaw with the 28'er the battery-lid which is much to tight and ends with breaking up. The second flaw is not being able to do data transfer.

So I live with the latter flaw, but fears the day when the lid finally breaks (and all my programs are sent to the eternal bit-fields).



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