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Where is the Equal sign?

Posted by E. Abgarian on 2 Apr 2000, 10:24 p.m.

I was in junior high school (1981) that my friend showed his Casio FX502P Programmable calculator. He explained to me what "Programming means". So one day I saw this HP67 and I felt Love with it. I had to Borrow the money from my father (Thanks Dad).

My first impression was "Where is the Equal sign" and I almost felt cheated!! But when I learned RPN I used it to impress my friends and family.

My first program was Converting Decimal to Binary number, and my friend taught me the concept of "Loop" and the world was different since then for me. I remember numerous nights that I lost the track of time, everybody was sleep and I joyfully understood indirect addressing and more.

Today I am working with DSP and Assembly Language and all the tricks and techniques I learned, helps me to squeeze couple of bytes, here and there.

Today Programmers could not care less about memory or speed, but those days every "Step" counted.

After HP67 I had, TI59, HP15C, HP41C, Commodore 128, PC Pentium II.

Like the First Love nothing is the same.

HP67 truly changed my Life.


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