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HP-25 still running strong 28 years later...

Posted by Steve Eddy on 28 Oct 2003, 12:34 p.m.

HP-25 'daily driver': Discovered today, it's time for my Nth or Mth battery pack; those little decimals between each numeral mean it won't run anymore, even when the charger's plugged-in... I'll go down to Radio Shack, get a couple new 1.25V rechargeables, crack open their carrier for the umpteenth time, and keep on chugging, facinated by it's still glowing red numbers...

I remember paying $160 or so for it in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1975 or so; it was a replacement for my TI SR-11 (loved that manual 'Konstant' key!). For a brief few moments, I was again 'king of the nerds'; I'll run it 'til its wheels come off!


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