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HP48 and dialog boxes

Posted by Karma Policer on 23 Feb 2003, 11:51 p.m.

when i was on those "nothing to do" days, i had the idea of impressing some friends.

I done that: I've draw a fake dialog box "HP48: This program caused an illegal op. and will close" in my PC. Then I converted it to a grob and stored in my HP-48. i sent this via IR to a friend, ASNed it to the OFF key and made an infinite loop to look like it's crashed. My friend said: "what the $&*@&$&$@*$ is happening? Can't it be only in Windows? Or it must be in the HP too?". LOL :)

g'bye KP®[apx] - Porto Alegre - Brasil YM Mathematician182


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