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Eulogy for a 15C

Posted by deb on 15 Nov 2002, 2:24 p.m.

My calculator died today. The LCD display is shot. I can only see the upper left of any given digit.

I won my first 15C in a math competition in High School. (Still remember the wave of anger when the awards ceremony MC made a big point that this was the best a girl had ever finished in the competition.)

My college roommate lost that one. Imagine my dismay when I learned that HP had discontinued the model. A few weeks later I was at a graduation party for my mom's exchange student's boyfriend whose dad worked for HP. I complained bitterly that the 15C had been dropped from the lineup.

A few days later he showed up at my house with a brand new 15C - still in the packaging. Found it in some salesman's desk. I immediately had it engraved so that I could identify it if ever it were lost again.

I've checked e-bay. Looks like they're selling for ~$200. At that price, I guess I'll somehow learn to use another calculator. Or maybe I'll just mourn.


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