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My First HP-21

Posted by Olivier TREGER on 1 Oct 2002, 8:27 a.m.

I remember this sweet day when my mother took me to the department store to get me a calculator.

At the time we left home, she didn't know she would pay FRF500.00 (in 1976!... wow, what a bunch of money) to get a 1-memory (not continuous), 4 operations calculator.

She almost said no but when she saw the spark in my eyes when touching the 21, she finally accept.

Irony is that the calculator has been stolen in my satchel at the college, 2-3 years later. At that time, my beloved school tools were the HP of course and a Parker 45 Flighter (stainless steel version) to take notes rapidly.

I was gained by the demons of trigonometry thanks to the R-P and P-R functions of the HP21.

Nothing very interesting except for me... ;-)



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