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Way back in 1981...

Posted by EdAustin on 21 Sept 2002, 10:37 a.m.


Started College doing Computer Science and saw some commotion around this guy. Went to have a look and saw he was showing off his brand new 41C! I was hooked immediately, from the solidity and made-for-engineers like look I knew I had to get one. At the time I had little money.. so it had to wait, but it was a dream started...

My first paycheck... my first HP.. the 41C ! Way back in Mid-late 1983, it was I recall about 150 UK pounds or so, then about $300.

Since then I have owned an HP-12C (1995, My favourite all time HP calculator, serial number indicated it was a 1982 model!) and now have an HP-71B which I am looking into writing an HP-12C emulator for (including full RPN etc).


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