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Full Name (family, given): Randle, Chris
Location: Lincoln, UK
Entered: 24 Oct 2001, 6:13 p.m.

Born '65. Started computing as a hobby (read obsession) at 14. Left school and started work in IT at 18. Have been self-employed (poor and penniless) programmer for 12 years on Windows platforms, using Delphi mostly.

First HP was 48SX bought 11 years ago when my Casio FX-602P packed up. Started using 95/100/200LX and still do to this day. Later bought a 16C when Educalc sold off a huge batch. Wish I'd had one when I was an assembly language programmer. Recently bought a 42S to see what the fuss was about - great calc. Wish I'd had one instead of the 602P. Latest acquisition is a 28S. Wish I'd had one... etc. The 28S is my favourite so far, but that may be the novelty value. The 48SX is definitely my least favourite.

Married to Jana, with two-year-old daughter, Julia, who also loves HPs, or "blick-blicks" as she calls them.


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