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Full Name (family, given): Rincon, Gerardo
Account Name: Gerardo Rincon
Contact: Gerardo Rincon
Location: Michigan
Entered: 16 Apr 2010, 8:56 p.m.

I bought my first HP calculator: the HP-21 in 1976 while in high school in Venezuela South America. My older brother already owned an HP-45. I loved my HP-21 which took me through high school and into college. Around 1984, while in college in Michigan studying Industrial Engineering, I purchased a wonderful HP-15C. My grades went up just by owning this calculator. It was (and still is..) an awesome calculator. Today I work for a major CPG company where I continue to use HP calculators. I have levitated from scientific calculators to business calculators, from the HP-10B, to HP-12C to now the HP-30B. I have to say the HP-15C and HP-12C have been my most useful calculators. I now collect HP calculators which you can see at

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