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Full Name (family, given): Haley, Scott
Account Name: Scott Haley
Contact: Scott Haley
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
Entered: 8 Dec 2009, 11:25 a.m.

HP machines were strongly recommended in my college math classes and EE coursework, so my first machine would have been an HP-48G (not counting the HP-35 my father still has on his desk.) Probably the most difficult thing I did was write some formulas to solve "Mohr's Circle" in Strength of Materials class and some resonant circuit stuff in a microwave class.

Today I have an HP-41CX that gets a lot of questions from the folks at the office (an electric utility) and an HP-49g+ that I have yet to get serious about. Somewhere in a box of college stuff is that trusty HP-48G.

Hobbies include amateur radio, the saxophone and (when I have time) model rockets, shortwave radios [Zenith Transoceanics, etc.] reading about astronomy & astronauts.

I like to hear the old stories about folks with "Lunar Lander" and real-time controllers running on their old HP hardware.

If I have even more time, I'd spend it roaming around New Mexico and Washington State collecting odd bits of junk and dreaming what could be built from it all.

73 Scott KD5NJR


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