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Full Name (family, given): Plant, Michael
Account Name: Michael Plant
Contact: Michael Plant
Location: Courtenay, BC, Canada
Entered: 14 Nov 2009, 7:27 p.m.

I've always loved calculators - they are, after all, my generations' equivalent of the cell phone and notebook computer - but only had the circa 1982 Casio fx-570 that I bought new for high school and have been using ever since. Earlier this year, I received a venerable HP-41CV as a gift and that kindled the collecting bug. 70+ calculators later, I've started to slow down on hardware acquisition and have started to pick up on knowledge acquisition (I hope!). This is a slower process with my middle-aged brain!

I have all brands of calculators in my collection, which has settled more or less on programmables and graphing calculators, but I have a real fondness for HP and TI.

I love reading the forum everyday and want to say "thank you" to everyone for making it so informative and so interesting.

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