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Full Name (family, given): Shaw, Kenneth
Account Name: Ken Shaw
Contact: Ken Shaw
Location: Toronto, Canada
Entered: 27 Nov 2007, 2:35 p.m.

My ownership of HP calculators didn't begin until after university. Although our Physics lab had one of those massive HP desktop machines (9100B, I think), which we used to do curve fitting and statistical analysis, I subsisted on a Radio Shack version of the TI SR-10 (called EC-425, I think), and occasionally got to play with the HP-45 and -65 models owned by some of my (richer) fellow students. I didn't encounter HP again until I ended up working at a financial institution and was handed an HP-12C on my first day, becoming an RPN convert almost immediately. Since then I acquired a few others just for fun (a 15C, 28S, a replacement original 12C, and more recently the 35S and 27S). But my everyday calculator is likely to remain the 17BII, which is, I think, superior to the 12C it replaced. And because of the switchable ALG/RPN mode you can hand it to a colleague without too much fear of reprisal. Its only serious drawback is the battery-sucking internal clock, but I can afford the batteries so far.

Since I'm not from the electrical engineering world like the majority here, I don't post frequently.

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