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Full Name (family, given): Bradford, George
Account Name: George Bradford
Contact: George Bradford
Location: Atlanta, GA (USA)
Entered: 17 July 2007, 11:01 a.m.

In 2007, after a twenty year lay off, I decided to resume my vigorous pursuit of the knowledge and discipline of math. I'd forgotten most (if not all) of what I'd learned in my trig, calculus and differential equation courses at the University of Texas (1983-1987). And I wasn't happy about it. So, I'm re-learing the things I once knew with plans to learn things I've never known before.

Discovering that my trusty HP 15c was no longer made or sold by HP was a huge disappointment. Exploring the roster of currently available HP calculators only deepend my sadness.

I am flattered HP is celebrating my return to math studies by releasing the HP 35s. ;-) Thank you, HP. I appreciate it.

However, I am hopeful HP will reward my ongoing efforts in the near future by re-issueing the HP 15c. ;-) I believe the HP 15c was the greatest calculator ever made. And I do not see any product in today's market that even comes close to filling the void.


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