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Full Name (family, given): Marin, Paul
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Entered: 19 Apr 2005, 7:19 p.m.

Always appreciated maths at an early age, about 15, and what it could do for you in life. Began to appreciate calculators quite soon afterwards. My first scientific calc was an sharp from what I recall (can't remember it exactly. After having started with HP, I tend for forget the calcs that I used to use before them). It wasn't until I started employment as a mechanical draftman, that I came across my first HP (HP41CV to be exact) The senior Engineer in the company I was working for had this remarkable unit with wand, card reader (all the options available). I was a junior in this company I was working for and had a TI-66, which then, wasn't a bad unit. Programable, very much a copy of the HP15C in design, just not RPN. I liked it. When the senior engineerin our company first came over and tried to help me with a problem, he grabbed my TI-66 and tried to use it. He then quickly put it down, disappeared and came back with his HP41CV, and replied proudly, "This is a real calculator". Ever since then, whenever anyone I noticed who had one of these "REAL CALCULATORS", I was always curious enough to ask what it was and learn more about them, especially the 15C, which I used to own. I've never appreciated anything more in life a tool which has assisted me as much as HP calcs have. Once you have knowledge of a GREAT tool for your trade or business, you tend to stick to it, and like most of us, we have. I now have a few units, some I like very much, some not so much. But I'm glad HP and I crossed paths in our journey in life. Without them, my job would be just that little more difficult.


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