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Full Name (family, given): Maguire, W. Bruce, II
Location: Longmont, Colorado, USA
Entered: 26 Oct 2001, 3:13 p.m.

Quick-and-dirty for now...

Born 5/3/1967.
BS, MS, PhD Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado.
Currently working for Texas Instruments (the enemy!)
Recently started a financial-services company with a colleague.

Home E-mail:

My first advanced calculator was a TI-59 that I saved for, and purchased, in 8th grade. My dad asked a friend of the family (who was an electrical engineer) whether I should buy the HP or the TI. He said the HP (it was the 67). I bought the TI because it was half the price, and had those cool "solid state software modules."
I still regret that decision!
I later redeemed myself, by trading my 11C to that engineer for his 65 (which I had always admired when I was younger---that LED display was beautiful!). Just a few weeks ago I made another trade with that engineer: a brand-new 32SII for my old 11C; and he thinks I'm crazy!

First HP purchased: HP-11C (1983)

Current collection (all fully useable---and occasionally used!):
11C, 12C(3), 16C, 17BII(2), 19BII, 28S, 32S, 32SII(3), 35, 41CX, 42S(2), 48SX, 55, 65, 67(3), 80, 97(2)

Favorite HP: (a three-way tie) 17BII, 67, and 97.
Least-favorite HP: 48SX.

Fantasy HP: An LED display like the 67---but capable of alphanumerics, the equation-solver and two-line display with dedicated soft-keys of the 17BII, the key programmability of the 41/42S, the tactile key feel and timer of the 55, the body of a 17BII, and the battery life of an 11C. Did I miss anything? ;-)



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