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ILPer with "auto-extended addressing"
Message #1 Posted by Christoph Giesselink on 23 July 2013, 3:28 p.m.

Ever heard something about "auto-extended addressing" in connection with the HP-IL interface? Ever seen AES, AEP and SAD frames on the bus? Ever had more than 30 instruments in the loop?

ILPer v1.43 available at supports this addressing mode with both internal devices now.

The only HP-IL controller which supports this mode I know, is the IL module of the HP-71B. Unfortunately the HP-IL module simulation of Emu71/Win don't support this operating mode also, so you need a real HP-71B and a PIL-Box for playing.

Enter "SFLAG(-22) @ RESTORE IO @ PRINTER IS PRINTER" on the 71B and see what's happen in the Scope Window of ILPer. :)

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