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HP 9120A Printer Platen Gone Gooey
Message #1 Posted by Rick Bensene on 6 July 2010, 2:57 p.m.

Hello, all,
I recently acquired an HP 9120A printer for my 9100A/B calculators. The platen that feeds the electrosensitive paper through the printer is made of a rubber substance that has turned to an oily black goo, rendering the unit useless. I have taken it apart and removed the platen and cleaned up all of the parts, but there was no way to find out what the thickness of the rubber material was.
I'm trying to figure out something that could serve as a replacement. I've thought of surgical tubing with the appropriate inside and outside diameters that could slide into the metal shaft that served as the base for the rubber material, but without knowing the proper outside diameter for the material, it's difficult to go shopping for the right sized tubing, or any other material for that matter. Has anyone else had this problem and been successful in repairing it? I'd love to hear from anyone that might have any ideas. Or, perhaps someone who has a working 9120A would be willing to try to measure the diameter or circumference of the platen and let me know.
Rick Bensene
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