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Late Model hp 33s Availability
Message #1 Posted by Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. on 20 Oct 2006, 5:32 p.m.

In a recent thread which I haven't been able to locate a correspondent reported that he had purchased an earlier model hp 33s with the bad decimal point for $41 in the hope of being to return it to HP in exchange for a later model.

On a trip to Florida las week I once again checked the availability of calculators at Wal-Marts along the way. I found only two hp 33s machines. They were in the Wal-Mart in Madison, Georgia. The serial numbers started with 527 and 541. The price was $41. I tried to bargain because only a few weeks earlier I had purchased a 524 unit in Perry, Georgia (only a hundred miles down the road) for $21. Wal-Mart wasn't having any of that!

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