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solar calculator hack a school calculator
Message #1 Posted by bragg g7 on 6 Oct 2005, 4:47 p.m.

heres a overflow_buffer.dgt for the casio fx-260 solar school

first you type 569874 then = then M+ and then cover the solao panle for 10-13 seconds and then it should say .0.0.0.-.E.-.0. or some thing like that or - - - real--- but the word is broken up in to segments press 8 then it should say -E- in the middle of the screen you have succesfully rewriten the firmware to a lower firmware. it's a possable way to write a type of hombrew I don't know how or what but it could happen I forgot another code which acts a a homebrew supporter I think the code is 2059.076 may be with a 6 at the end.

And yes I made up the code which does work on lower firmwares I have not made any homebrew up but it works


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