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Setting time on 48GX vs 48SX
Message #1 Posted by unspellable on 15 July 2005, 9:57 a.m.

On my 48SX it's a simple matter to add or subtract a second from the display time. On my 48GX the pull down menu makes this klutzy and difficult to set closely. (On the whole, I do not care for the pull down menu approach to soft key commands on the 48GX. It seems klutzy and like a step backwards from the 48SX's displaying soft key commands at the bottom of the display.)

On my 48SX I can also advance the clock by entering "n CLOCKADJ" where n equals 8192 ticks per second. Does "CLOCKADJ" do the same on the 48GX, and if so, what is the tick rate? Is it still 8192 or is it faster?

On my 48SX I have a simple program 'KORR' << n CLOCKADJ >> which is executed by the alarm function at 2 AM each day. By judicious choice of n I can correct for the clock running slightly slow. (Left to its own devices, it loses about a half second per day.)

(Wife says I'm nuts for trying to keep all the clocks and watches set so closely, but it compensates for my otherwise disorganized life.)

Re: Setting time on 48GX vs 48SX
Message #2 Posted by Jeff O. on 15 July 2005, 12:54 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by unspellable

I'm about as far from an HP48GX expert as you can get, but I'll have a go at your questions. If I get anything wrong, Iím sure others will correct me.
Regarding pull-down menus vs. soft keys, I was under the impression that in general, if you press left-shift instead of right-shift to access a menu, you get soft keys instead of the drop-down menu. For example, pressing left-shift 4 brings up the soft-keys DATE, ->DATE, TIME, etc. I don't know if this exactly mimics the SX behavior, but I think it is close.
Regarding "CLOCKADJ", on the 48GX it is "CLKADJ", and it behaves the same as you describe for the SX. "CLKADJ" is on the third "page" of soft keys that pressing left-shift 4 brings up. One second is 8192 ticks. I think your "KORR" program (using the "CLKADJ" command) will work just fine.
Regarding keeping all your watches and clocks set so closely, presumably synchronized with the correct time, well, I see nothing wrong with that. Come to think of it, my life is pretty disorganized, and my wife thinks I'm nuts (about that and many other things), so perhaps there is a connection....

Re: Setting time on 48GX vs 48SX
Message #3 Posted by unspellable on 15 July 2005, 2:11 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Jeff O.

Well, it's a case of "when all else fails, read the instructions."

I have my trusty old HP48SX at home and do most of my messing around on it. My HP48GX sits in my desk drawer at work and is little used. "ClOCKADJ" was from memory, it's probably "CLKADJ" on both versions.

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