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Victory! or - 10.000 pages later
Message #1 Posted by Peter on 4 Apr 2005, 1:04 a.m.

As only those similarily infatuated with the HP 41 can understand this - and I need to share this - here is a post with very little value to anyone else, other than to create either smirks, sympathy or empathy.

Over the last few weeks I have been working my way throug all the PPC journals, Data file journals, CHHU journals and HPX journals that are available on the combined DVD set from here and TOS. Some 10000 pages I reccon.

Each issue was scanned for HP 41 related material, finds where carefully extracted and sorted, chronoligically, into 36 categories (e.g. Synthetic Programming, M-Code, Wand, Cassette drive, CCD, Conversion-routines, curve fitting, games, etc), stapled and punched, put into 2 large binder (next to one which has all repair related stuff I could find on the fori of this site). Now I think I will get some more sleep over the next few days.

The pleasure it gives me to know, that if I were to, for example, look for prime factor programs on the HP 41, I could go to my binder, open the relevant section and have all programs that were ever published in any of the above magazine neatly sorted by date, is simply imensurable. Well, it is definitely imensurable for my girlfriend, who ist just happy that it is over (and is claiming that I am walking a fine line between passion and obsession. I will have to think about that one...)

Anyway, just needed to share this victory over the sheer mass of information.



Re: Victory! or - 10.000 pages later
Message #2 Posted by Mike (Stgt) on 4 Apr 2005, 4:22 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Peter

Congratulation! Could you pass the border from passion to obsession just for one more day and publish your personal TOC on your homepage or here. I always wished to have something like the 'Stone of Rosetta' to this bulk of information. To sidetrack your girlfriend for that additional day you could pass me her eMail address or show her my URL, specially the page about me, myself and I.


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