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Clonix & NoVRAM FAQ
Message #1 Posted by Diego Diaz on 15 Mar 2005, 10:43 a.m.


Since I finished Clonix and NoVRAM first production run, I've been receiving mails asking several common questions.

As this is the "meeting point" for most of us, I think it would save time if I post it here. Dave, if you consider this an innapropriate use of this forum, just wipe this message.


Q- Will you plan start production again?

A- Yes, as stated in the ad, I'm planning a small run (about 20-25 units) by mid/end summer.

Q- Are new modules in developement?

A- Yes, a new NoV-64 (48K ROM + 64K RAM) is being developed right now.

Q- What will be the price tag for the modules?

A- Clonix=100Euro, NoVRAM=135Euro, NoV-64<200Euro (not calculated yet)

Q- Will new NoV-64 be compatible with previous modules?

A- This is the main target, anyhow IC-Prog new release can't handle the new module's microcontroller, so I'm seeking for other suitable programming solutions.

Q- What if my Clonix/NoVRAM requires service?

A- Should any of my modules turns to be faulty I have saved some spare parts to fix them. (So far only one module have required such replacement... :-)

Q- Are there any site where I can download the software from?

A- The original Clonix6P.ZIP archive contains some .ROM images, that's why it was available *only* at Warren Furlow's site. I've got no permission to make such images publicly available, so I cannot place this archive on my site. Anyhow I'll prepare a new .ZIP *without* .ROM images for downloading.

NOTE: I'll be out until Apr. 18th, thus I won't be able to keep daily track of my mail... please be patient, I'll answer ASAP.

Thanks so much and best wishes.



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