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Message #1 Posted by ozarkmtbr on 17 Feb 2005, 1:10 p.m.

Have any of you had problems with the keys on the HP48gII becoming loose. After having it for 3-4 months the keys become loose and will no longer capture all the key presses. The set at an angle now as if their seat has broke. HP has replaced it twice already. Two had the key problem and another just died and will only give a black screen.

I am totally HP all the way and have owned HP-48SX and HP-48GX calculators before. They have lasted years. My GX is 14 years old and still working fine. I am concerned with the quality of the new HP calculators.

I had heard that some of the original HP guys split off and started their own company. Any news on that?


Re: HP-48gII loose keys
Message #2 Posted by OzarkMtbr on 17 Feb 2005, 3:49 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by ozarkmtbr

The HP49 seems to be of similar build. Has anyone had any issues with the keys on this model either?

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