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what about the overhead fot HP48
Message #1 Posted by Karl Fred on 8 Sept 2004, 9:45 a.m.

Does anyone know if it goes ok? thanks

Re: what about the overhead fot HP48
Message #2 Posted by James M. Prange on 8 Sept 2004, 9:24 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Karl Fred

I take it that you mean an accessory for using the 48 with an overhead projector. Which one?

I have a "48SX Classroom Display" from Firmware Corp. that uses the LCD made for the 48SX and a magnifier lens. It works pretty well with both the 48SX and 48GX, although the display tends to slowly "roll" up or down, and requires careful adjustment to keep it steady. Also note that the annunciators at the top of the screen don't work with this model; just the 131 X 64 pixel display.

With the 48SX, it can be plugged into either slot 1 or slot 2; with the 48GX, it can be used with slot 1 only. Of course it couldn't be used with the 48S, 48G, or 48G+. I expect that I could use it with the 49G, if only I'd get around to making an adapter to connect it to the 49G's 10-pin connector.


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