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Hp 25c falure
Message #1 Posted by alsaudio on 19 July 2004, 8:48 p.m.

Hi, recently while doing some work one evening with my 25c, I clicked the enter button, and instead of an expected result, the machine locked up.

Upon turning it off , and then on, the the result is all zero's on the display which blank out when any key is pressed, or occasionaly, an "error" message.

Since, I have removed batteries, had it on the charger, and any other tricks I could think of, but it seems to me it's time may have come.

I wonder if anyone could shed some light on this? I am assuming the worst. thanks alsaudio

Re: Hp 25c falure
Message #2 Posted by David Smith on 20 July 2004, 8:21 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by alsaudio

A display of 000000000 is almost always a bad ACT chip (the big wide one at the bottom of the circuit board). ACT chips from a 21/25/29C/67/97 (but not a 27) will work in the 25C.

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