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Tubing need
Message #1 Posted by Michel Beaulieu on 16 Apr 2004, 7:37 p.m.

Hi, some time ago, Kattie post a part number at for a tubing replacing the roller in card reader. I try to buy it, but because i live in Canada, they do not ship there. Also, i don't really need their minimum order for that tubing; a 6 inches of that tubing is all i need for all my life! So if someone have this tubing in extra, can you sell me 6 inches please - My HP-97, 67 and 41 readers will really appreciate!

By the way, i tried other solutions but the replacing roller is always slowly slipping off the shaft. "you" told me that it is because the inner dia. is incorrect. Kattie wrote here that this tubing is the best for the job...

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