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Enter key in WRONG PLACE!
Message #1 Posted by Ron Ross on 15 Apr 2004, 9:15 a.m.

AND always has been for ALL the vintage machines. I like the original placement, and HATE the new location, but guess what. We are accustomed to a mistake! I don't use my new Hp's (and don't yet have a 33s), but the enter key placement is more natural for a new user. Dinasours like us will forever complain, but if you reflect upon the placement and effeciency, you will realize that the keyboard placement has evolved (not the actual quality) and to someone with a fresh start, would immediately say, why reach across a keyboard for an entry, when it should be on the corner.

Production is also simplified due to the manufactur of one less speciallity key.

I miss my double wide enter key, but with this thought in mind and no one left at HP to argue for our beloved wide key, no practical engineer would re-introduce this feature. Therefore, I conclude that if you want this key, you will have to aquire older calculators and not expect to see HP re-introduce the wide enter key ever again. A new and improved Hp pocket calc may replace the 33s someday in the future, but it too, will also lack the large enter key with these thoughts in mind.

"Of course I could be wrong." to paraphase Dennis Miller.

Re: Enter key in WRONG PLACE!
Message #2 Posted by bill platt on 15 Apr 2004, 9:26 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Ron Ross

Hi Ron!

I totally agree with you. I first learned this when I switched from my 1st calc (11c) to the 32sii. (The voyager ENTER is directly next to the number keys). Then, when I got a 48 last year, I started using the SPACE instead of ENTER, and it was much more natural. Then recently I got a 17bii and again, the ENTER in the lower right, immediately next to the number keys, made more sense!

Speaking of 17bii, that is a really neat machine, with only a few flaws. Just think how much nicer the 33s would be if it had the 17bii style of equation editing! (BTW, does the 42s handle equations the same way as the 17bii?)

Best regards,


Re: 42s and 17Bii!
Message #3 Posted by Ron Ross on 15 Apr 2004, 9:38 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by bill platt

No, The 42s uses an RPN solver ( I believe the 32s uses the same solver, and the 32sii can use its solver in two ways, with the algebraic solver, the much more popular way to go).

You can look at an example of how the solver works with my example in the programming section.

The 17Bii is the favorite of many Engineers for some reason, and it it had simple trig, would be a great calculator (even if the trig functions were available via solver only, but alas, this is not to be). Oddly and fortunately, Pi is included so trig functions can be implimented to as accuately as you wish via the solver.

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