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New "Inside 9G" Handbook
Message #1 Posted by Norris on 10 Apr 2004, 2:00 a.m.

Until last year, there were still two vendors selling HP calculator software for use on NCEES exams: and I figured they would be out of business after NCEES banned the 48 and 49.

But Chotkeh has adapted. They simply switched to the next best HP model: the 9G, of course. The complete package, including the "Inside 9G" handbook, problems & solutions book, and a genuine 9G calculator, is only $135.

Another vendor is now selling 33S software for NCEES surveying exams: go to eBay and search for "33S COGO". You apparently get about 5KB of formulas and programs for $20. Estimated programming time = 2 hours

So the commercial market for calculator software isn't quite dead yet...

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