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Tracking the Specs On an Older 12C
Message #1 Posted by Kane Brolin on 31 Dec 2003, 11:10 p.m.

Greetings, folks. I am a totally blind financial professional, looking for a comprehensive financial calculator that has either Braille or speech output capabilities. Last summer, you mentioned that HP has no plans to produce a calculator of this kind. But last week I became acquainted with someone who says he can modify an HP 12C so that the output screen talks. This is very exciting for me, since I understand that the 12C is the quintessential financial calculator.

The catch is that, in order to make this work, we need a vintage 12C that was manufactured with a dual chip set. I understand that in HP-speak, this is referred to as the "R2D2 design."

I have found a 12C unit that dates back to 1987, which a business associate will sell to me. But we don't know if this unit has the R2D2 chip set. Its serial number is 2728A61584.

If you have the capability, please research this serial number and let me know whether this unit is likely to meet my needs. I thank you in advance for your help.

Best wishes for a great New Year,

Kane Brolin Mishawaka, IN Wireless Phone: (574)360-6271

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