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HP-65 (67) clutch fix-- and a thank you.
Message #1 Posted by Michael Meyer on 19 Nov 2003, 11:09 p.m.

Hi all!

I just got my first HP-65. After washing the non-electronics in the sink and repairing the card reader roller.... the clutch washer disintegrated.

I looked around the workshop and spied a sprayer tube from a WD-40 can. Sure enough-- right inside and outside diameter!! A little piece of it with some glue, and it's as good as new.

Bummer. The card reader didn't work. I realized that it was reading, but not writing cards. Then I remembered the leaf switches. Cleaned and adjusted... it works perfectly. A quick battery rebuild, and the calculator is like new again!!

Thanks to the Forum for all the advice over the years. It was enough to get this beautiful baby working again!!!

I sure do love those RED LLLLEEEDDDD's!!!!!

RTN2RPN Michael

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