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Message #1 Posted by Sanjeev p on 19 Nov 2003, 12:29 a.m.

hello sir i got one hp 21s calculator and lost manual so how can i get the manual? and also i want current price of that thanking u

Re: manual (hp21S)
Message #2 Posted by Charlie O. on 20 Nov 2003, 9:42 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Sanjeev p

I bought a 21S last night and seached the web and this site and found very little info. A couple of manuals were on ebay that seem to sell for more than the calc. Why is isn't there more coverage? Just because it's algebraic?

I managed to get it to power up using the info in my 32sii manual and ran the tests using the same keys.

I bought it for the case and battery door but it is too nice to cannablize.

The 21S isn't even included in the museum CD.


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