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Does 48G have a "CAT" (49G+) or "CATALOG" (28C/S) -like feature?
Message #1 Posted by Paul Brogger on 7 Nov 2003, 11:54 a.m.

I've been using the "CAT" (commands CATALOG) menu on my 49G+ regularly, and recall the "CATALOG" feature of my 28S.

I've poked around on my 48G (but haven't dug out the manual ... ) and can't find any similar list of available commands. Does the 48G even have such a list?

(It's probably somewhere obvious, but I'm missing it. )

Noz built-in...
Message #2 Posted by Raymond Del Tondo on 7 Nov 2003, 6:25 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Paul Brogger

...some years ago I started to make a CAT like in the HP-38G, with a master-detail browser and function categories, etc. , but it was too slow to use seriously it.

You could program your personal CAT easily using a list of lists of each command/fcn, then feeding it into a browser, like CHOOSE, or the SpeedBrowser (recommended), and on the highlighted item, you could apply a call to USAG, which exists as G/GX version, too.

So far for the theory.

Maybe something similar like CAT exists on , I dunno. If not, maybe someone will do it. We could start a mini challenge, who develops the smallest *and* fastest version.

Too bad I don't have the time right now (ORACLE upgrade), else I would start immediately:-) Maybe in two weeks, if there'll still need...


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