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Recent HP Sitings
Message #1 Posted by Ben Salinas on 28 Oct 2003, 11:20 p.m.

Just to fill you in on a few recent HP sitings. Today, (about 2 minutes ago) I was checking my mail (from yahoo) and there was an ad for "Bank Of America". On the ad is a large message on the left. On teh right, there is a calculator with numbers running accross in front of it. I noticed that the calculator looked like a HP (had the completely black look), and so I zoomed in on the picture, and sure enough, it said "10B" in the corner. It looks like they "whited out" the HP logo (unless the 10B has no logo), but any trained eye knows what it is.

Also, a few days ago I was watching a Bill Nye the Science Guy video in physics (No, we do not regularly watch videos, but my teacher got sick that morning, and had nothing that a substitute could teach), and they were doing one of thier "interview a scientist and show that science is cool interviews". There was a quick pan across this man's desk, and I caught a glimpse of a gold calculator. I immediately said "12C," and my friend next to me said "What?". I replied, "The calculator on his desk is an HP 12C". Sure enough, a few moments later, it zoomed in, and you had a closer view of the calculator. I was pretty sure that it was a 12C, but now I am starting to wonder, "Would an engineer really use a calculator that you have to emulate functions such as sin and cos?" Perhaps it was one of the others in the series which is similarly colored (I am not familiar with all of them)


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