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Paul's HP memories contribution
Message #1 Posted by Eric Lundgren on 9 Oct 2003, 7:18 p.m.

I was stepping through the 'memories' section of the MoHPC and I found Paul Brogger's 'Impact-tested' (21c?) HP. I find this funny, since when I was in 3rd grade, I used to show-off my Casio "G-shock" watch's resilience by pounding my wrist against the cement lunch tables! It never gave up, but then again I wasn't that strong back then. If any one has never seen this watch, it was from a child's eyes, an LCD wearing a rubber coated bank vault and two wrist straps.

Interestingly, Paul, you mention your attachment the 42s, a machine my father is also "locked" on to. I was curious to find a SECOND 42s user manual in the house during my last visit, confirming I did indeed have my own copy once...and I remember it too...but where is it?! Hahaa, my search through the boxes is soon to begin :)

If I strike gold, my (meager) collection will include a 42s, 32sii, 48g, 48gx, 49g, 12c, and, any day now, maybe a 49g+ & 33s! Its not huge, but I should never have to use 'algebraic' again :) Oh hey! The post just knocked on the door with my 48g from ebay! Eric

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