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To take apart a HP-01
Message #1 Posted by Erik Wahlin on 30 Sept 2003, 1:20 p.m.

Has anybody had any experience taking apart a HP-01 watch? From the drawing in the Hewlett Packard journal, it appears the two halves of the watch are held together by a ring with thread on the OD. I guesss you somehow unthread this ring?

Re: To take apart a HP-01
Message #2 Posted by David Smith on 1 Oct 2003, 10:11 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Erik Wahlin

Hello Erik,

You guess right. I took one apart many years ago. I seem to remember that there are two of the retaining rings. One I seem to remember is a split ring. I also think one of them is reverse threaded. You need a fine pin spanner to manipulate them... but I used a screwdriver blade.

While on the subject of watches, Harbor Freight Tools sells a watch case opener tool (made in India). It has three removeable bits that can be adjusted in a triagular pattern to match various watch cases. It comes with several types of bits. Sells for $8, $4 on sale. I think you could use just two bits and use it as a pin spanner.

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