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HP-49G+ ROM....
Message #1 Posted by Speck on 15 Sept 2003, 8:25 p.m.

Does anybody know, or have you heard any speculation, as to whether or not ROM 1.20 will be made available to the public for download, and if both it and future ROMs will be backwards compatible with the current 49G? I'm wondering if this is the end for my HP, or if I can take adavantage of some of these new bug fixes. The new calc and ROM numbering system would imply a natural continuation, but with a completely different hardware system, I don't want to just take it for granted. If you wonder why I'm concerned, just consider that my TI-92 is HW1 (HardWare version 1), the 89's are HW2, and the Voyage200 is HW3. I can certainly continue to download and install ROM updates for my 92, but can actually take little, if any, advantage of the new code.

Also, if memory serves, you could, at least for a while, update the base code from one TI to another. Could 49G's ever do this? This is just curiosity on my part.

Re: HP-49G+ ROM....
Message #2 Posted by James M. Prange on 16 Sept 2003, 1:52 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Speck

I don't know about the 1.20 ROM, but the 1.22 ROM is available for download at

Given the differences between the 49G and the 49G+, I'd be surprised if the ROM for one could be used on the other. But I don't have a 49G+ yet, haven't tried the 49G+ ROM, and so I really don't know.

Maybe someone could try a 49G+ ROM on a 49G (either actual hardware or emulator) or vice versa?

Judging from the documentation available at, UserRPL (and, I guess, SysRPL) source code for the 49G+ and 49G should be very similar.

From posts on the newsgroup comp.sys.hp48, I understand that some (but not all) libraries written for the 49G work on the 49G+.

Yes, the ROM of a 49G, at least in later revisions, could be used to upgrade the ROM of another 49G via a serial connection between the two calculators..

As for the 49G+, it seems to me that it wouldn't be possible to establish communications between two 49G+s via USB, but perhaps via IrDA? Or maybe the "Serial IR" used in the 48 series is still available on the 49G+? I would hope that it would be possible to transfer the ROM image to an SD card, and then move the card to another 49G+ to update its ROM.

I've read that the 82240B printer works with the 49G+, so apparently the 49G+ can use the "RedEye" protocol as well as IrDA.

Speaking of printers, I wonder whether HP will be marketing an improved printer. Martel Instruments has some nice-looking printers listed at I wonder whether an MCP8830 would work with the 49G+'s IrDA.

So many questions, so few (certain) answers.... I suppose we'll just have to be patient.


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