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HP-38C aand HP-97
Message #1 Posted by Jerry Pfile on 14 Sept 2003, 10:36 p.m.


Apologies for breaking in but I need some information.

I have the above to HPs but each needs a little work. Bought both new years ago but as I'm retired I have no professional need as I did then. However, I'd like to get them up and running for sentimental reasons if nothing else.

The 38C charger has disappeared somewhere over the years as has the box, manual etc. What was the charger model number? All I recall is that it had the two flat contacts housed in the male end of the AC adaptor.

The 97 has perhaps a fatal condition. The battery was removed years ago and lost. What model was the battery and are they still available? More ominous is that the "+" key has no "spring action" at all. Can that be repaired, or are replacement circuit boards still available in the aftermarket?

Would greatly appreciate any info someone can give me regarding the above.

Thanks in advance,


Re: HP-38C aand HP-97
Message #2 Posted by on 15 Sept 2003, 9:23 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jerry Pfile

Spices chargers are quite easy to find on ebay. Check for more details.

The good news is that you can easily replace your battery pack with 2 standard AA batteries (positive above and left side) joined together with a paper clip or a bit of aluminium fold. If you haven't charged your batteries for a long time, my guess is that they are dead and you might want to replace them with 2 rechargeable AA batteries. They work perfectly.

Regarding the 97 there are some far more specialized people on this forum to provide you witha correct answer.


Re: HP-38C aand HP-97
Message #3 Posted by Gordon Dyer on 15 Sept 2003, 1:51 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jerry Pfile

Hi, my 38C ac adapter is HP8207A, 1.8VA, 10V AC output.
The transformer is moulded into the 2 pin plug.

The HP-97 can easily be dismantled and the keyboard taken apart. The spring mechanism for the key cap is seperate from the contacts and you sgould be able to take it apart ot fix or replace the spring. Have a look through this museum's Articles Forum for info on repairing the HP-97.
I will email to you some pictures I took of my own 97 keyboard dismantled.
Spare battery packs are available on eBay, I have recently bought a new 97 battery pack for $27. I wouldn't have found one here in the UK.
You can also find HP 30 series ac adapters in eBay if you keep looking patiently each week.
Good luck with the repairs!

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