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hp calculator batteries
Message #1 Posted by Jennifer Seelye on 20 July 2003, 2:12 a.m.

Hello, We bought another hp calculator this weekend at a garage sale. It is in very good condition except the model tag is missing & the batteries are dead. After looking at pictures I determined that it is a 12c. Not quite as good a buy as the xpander from last weekend but not bad for $2.

Anyway, where is a good place to buy batteries for these calculators? I see calculators ALL the time that have dead batteries. I would like to keep a supply on hand to test these when I see them. I already printed the list from this site of rarity (it didn't help me today with no model # but we were guessing it was an 11c).

Also, which batteries will be needed to test most calculators? Are there 4 or 5 common types of batteries for hp's or are there more like 40 or 50 types?

Are there other good collectible brands to watch for?

Thanks for your help & suggestions, Jennifer

Re: hp calculator batteries
Message #2 Posted by Raymond Del Tondo on 20 July 2003, 7:44 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jennifer Seelye


most common in HP LCD calculator are:

- LR44 (Pioneer series, Voyager series (10C,11C,12C,15C,16C)) These should last for at least 5 to 10 years in the Voyagers.

- N, Lady (HP-41,Clamshell series)

- AAA, Micro (Stretched Pioneers (HP-48..))

I don't count the 'new' models from the last two years, and the older LED models all use rechargeable pacs.


Other collectibles
Message #3 Posted by Valentin Albillo on 21 July 2003, 9:13 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jennifer Seelye

Hi, Jennifer:

Jennifer posted:"Are there other good collectible brands to watch for?"

Indeed. You'd be well advised to be on the look for SHARP Pocket Computers. These are small handheld devices, some similar in size to the HP-12C you just acquired (other are a little larger but always pocketable), very good quality and extremely performant, which can be found at nearly throw-away prices, because people still haven't noticed its 'collectibility', to coin a word. They already command reasonably good prices on eBay, and are on the rising, look at these very recent auctions for example:

Sharp PC-1403

Sharp PC-1500A

Sharp PC-1250

Sharp PC-1211

I've seen some models (such as the SHARP EL-5100, 5100S, and 5101) reach $200 and more, and other equally desirable models (SHARP PC-1350, PC-1360, PC-1600) can reach $100-150 and more. If you want to know just how they look like so that you can recognize them on sight, visit this site:

Sharp Pocket Computers

Taking into account that they can be found for $1-5 at most garage ('garbage') sales, you can see the chance for profit. Specially since they are on the rising and there are more and more people who recognize quality when they see it and are more than willing to collect them.

Best regards from V.

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