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Message #1 Posted by Fréderic on 14 July 2003, 10:26 a.m.

Hi. I received my first HP graphing calculator as a "used gift". I'm already familiar with the 25C i use every day and with the 41C. I'm sure the calculator is not keystroke programmable; i read on the net about "applet programming" and RPL?

What is these new languages? A kind of basic? I read an "applet" program i can find on the net and it looks like some kind of basic ( BEEP (200,168,15)) i long know from my VIC-20!!!

Any modern calculator with keystroke programming derivation?

Anyway, where can i find a manual for my HP-38G so i can see all the enhencements over my 41C. I already bought the set of CD from the museum for my 41 and 25C but no manual for the 38G; is there an "upgrade" containing this manual?

If i'm happy with my 38G, perhaps i'll try the newer one 49G; where to buy one, i'm not able to find it on HP site. I read here and there it have a bad keyboard compare with the 38g or my 25C... What aboutthe rest?



Re: HP-38G
Message #2 Posted by Manfred, Stuttgart - Germany on 14 July 2003, 11:07 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Fréderic

Dear Fred, Someone is selling a new 49g. Got to the following URL. Sincerely. Manfred

Re: HP-38G
Message #3 Posted by bill platt on 14 July 2003, 11:17 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Fréderic

I feel that you should not think of the 38G as an enhancement over the 41. The 38G is really a schoolboy's crutch, not an engineering programmable. That is not to say that one could not figure out a way to program it--it is just that it really is not worth the trouble! The 41 is the last large-memory I-O capable RPN Keystroke Programmable(to like a compter or card reader etc).

The 48G, 49G+ and 48GX are RPL, not RPN, as is the 49G. This is an "enhanced" high level language, and is reverse polish with a stack, but a whole new ball game really. You can also get HP41 emulators that run on the 48G series (generally 48gX) and even an HP-produced 41 emulator, with keyboard overlays, which runs on the 48SX (a discuntinued model easily obtained in good condition). Expanded memory for the 48 series can be obtained at reasonable cost from some german makers--HP no longer makes memory expansion. I do not know the technical details of the 41 emulators or the memory required--but I know there are a number of different choices--in fact I have been contemplating that route myself.......but it is too much for me to figure out just now...

If you want to see just how enthusiastic some people are about the 48 and 49 series, just go to comp.sys.hp48 and to But if you are an engineer, not a computer geek, you will probably be overwhelmed....:-) Ther eis also 38G stuff at



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