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Message #1 Posted by ricardo pascual on 2 July 2003, 8:06 a.m.

Hello out there:

I would like to know where in Spain I could have repaired a card reader 82104A of a set of HP41C, Quad memory, card reader and thermal printer, in Spain.

I lost the machine memory and I need to recharge the programs from the magnetics card, and the reader is out of service. When I introduce the card, the reader stops so the card does not go through. Then, it spells out some grease that cancells data.

I would be grateful if anyone could inform me about the steps to follow in order to have the machine repair in Spain.

You can write me to the following E-mail

Thanks in avance.

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Re: reparation
Message #2 Posted by Valentin Albillo on 2 July 2003, 8:34 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by ricardo pascual

[English translation below]

Hola Ricardo, yo que tu probaria a enviarle un e-mail con tu problema a esta dirección de e-mail:

Este caballero tiene muy buena mano para las reparaciones de calculadoras HP, y no hace mucho reparó una de un amigo mio, que la daba ya por imposible, quedando muy satisfecho.

Por cierto, creo que has puesto mal tu direccion de e-mail de contacto, pone "pacual" y seguro que es "pascual", verdad ?

Saludos de V.

[the promised translation for those interested]

Hi, Ricardo, if I were in your shoes I'd send an e-mail describing your problem to this e-mail address:

This gentleman is really gifted in all matters concerning repairing HP calcs, and recently repaired some friend of mine's machine, who deemed it hopeless, to perfect satisfaction.

By the way, I think your contact e-mail address is posted wrong, it says "pacual" where correct is "pascual", right ?

Best regards from V.

Re: reparation agradecimiento
Message #3 Posted by ricardo Pascual on 3 July 2003, 2:03 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by Valentin Albillo

Muchas gracias, y vamos a a ver si se puede salvar el lector y poder reinstalar la información de los programas de estructuras.

Por cierto, tenías razón en lo del correo. Es

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