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Consider this...
Message #1 Posted by Juergen (CH) on 1 July 2003, 7:23 a.m.


please consider the following points, then think about your complaint again.

1. Christoph has invested many, many hours to professionaly rebuild the HP-IL/PC Interface Card. Try to get one on eBay, it's hard and more expensive.

2. To rebuild the interface card, Christoph needs some original IL chips. Without the help of many other HP enthusiasts around the world (which highly appreciate his efforts, too), he would not be able to get enough such chips.

3. Christoph Klug and Jean-Francois Garnier cooperated in adding IL support to EMU41. Now, they can offer a unique and very powerful solution. Nothing comparable out there!

4. Christoph has a very deep knowledge of all the IL stuff and many other HP-41 hardware. I'm absolutly sure he will share his knowledge with us if any "hard-core" question arises.

5. The price of EUR 150.- is absolutely fair. The HP-IL/PC Interface card is hand-made by Christoph, and of very good quality. I don't think it's the big business, it's more like a service to HP-41 enthusiasts.

6. Carefully read all the possibilites of the HP-IL/PC Interface Card/EMU41 package. That's really great! You can archive your HP-41 programs on the PC, you can easily print barcode, you have many ROM modules to play with (even on your "real" HP-41 if it is connected to the PC), you have virtual IL devices, etc.
EMU41 does not have a click-e-di-clack user interface, but that's not a problem. If you get used to it, you can work efficiently.

I highly appreciate the work of Christoph Klug and Jean-Francois Garnier (and all the others working on amazing HP related hardware and software projects). They offer a very powerful and reliable package for HP-41 enthusiasts which I can highly recommend!

Questions about interfacing the HP-41 with a PC appear frequently on this forum, and I really don't see any reason why Christoph should not point to his wonderful solution.

Best wishes from Switzerland,

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