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19BII keys
Message #1 Posted by Scuba Diver on 29 June 2003, 11:31 a.m.

Hello everyone!

I'm an MBA student and I wanted to get a backup 19BII so I've been looking on eBay. I've noticed the following differences between various 19BIIs:

1) Canadian/US models have a different label (on the inside above the alpha keyboard) than international models do. The international ones simply explain how to change the language of the calculator

2) Some keys are double-molded and some are painted..well, at least that's what I assume...some units have shiny keys and others have more of a matte finish (I assume this latter group have painted keys).

Can anyone confirm this? Are the calculators with the matte-finishe keys painted, and if so, do they really have a lower lifespan than double-molded keys? I know that the double-molded should theoretically last longer, but has anyone ever seen painted keys wear off?

I do prefer the double-molded keys (your finger seems to grip the key better), however the two that I've bought recently have painted keys and I don't feel like spending my spare time buying tons of them on eBay until I find one I like, so I think I might settle with what I have.

Insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! B.

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