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HP12-Platinum's Sunplus SPLB20D CPU...
Message #1 Posted by Bill Wiese on 16 June 2003, 1:07 p.m.

Did some more nosing around the web.

The Sunplus SPLB20D CPU in the 12C Platinum appears to be a full-house 6502. Sunplus does also have a 'crippled' reduced-feature semi-6502 with an X index register but no Y index register - this is for at least their lower-end chips (mouse controllers).

I saw nothing about the Sunplus chips having the newer 65C02 features (bit ops, etc.).

Sunplus apparently keeps lots of their documentation (instruction set, etc.) under wraps as 'trade secret'.

Nevertheless, this sounds like HP/Kinpo will be using these 6502 chips in other calcs. If there's ever an external ROM mode we can re-do a calc the 'right' way!

Now if we could just get someone to make double-injection molded keycaps at a reasonable cost :)

Regards, Bill Wiese San Jose, CA

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