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32sII numeric integration
Message #1 Posted by Eric Lundgren on 13 June 2003, 2:27 a.m.

Does anyone have experience setting up numerical integration on the 32sII? Also, are there sites devoted to this particular machine? Should I buy one of the few remaining 48gx's at my local Fry's before rpn is gone for ever?


Re: 32sII numeric integration
Message #2 Posted by Axel Bodemann on 13 June 2003, 3:34 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Eric Lundgren


numerical integration is pretty simple with the 32sii:

- define your integrand in the equation writer (r-shift STO) using A...Z as integration variable - put your limits in the x and y register - push the integrate key (r-shift 8), you will be ask for the integration variable (and the other variables if available)

-> numerical precision (and integration time) depend on the display format (number of digits) -> error estimation (conservative) in the y-register

Regards Axel

PS: of course, you can use numerical integration within programs

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