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hp85 hpil question and hp85-->hp75
Message #1 Posted by andy on 8 June 2003, 10:25 p.m.

I have an hp85 (with i/o rom and 82938a hpil module). The hpil module works fine when setup to for the 85 to be the controller. When the hpil module is set to be the non-controller I get an error 114 (non active controller) which makes sense because the 85 is probably trying to access a drive through the hpil module and in order for it to do that it needs to be setup as the controller.

The reason I have the hpil module set to non-control is because I'm trying to setup communications with my hp75 (with i/o rom). With the 85 on, I turn my 75 on and it beeps and recognizes the 85 automatically as ":C1". However, when I try to send something from the 75 to the 85 with the following commands respectively:

75: output ':c1' ; "hello" 85: enter 9; a$

my 75 acts like it sent the string "hello", but my 85 just hangs until I perform a reset at which time the 85 returns with error 131 "time-out".

I've checked and my hpil module is set to address 9 and non-controller. My hpil cables are working too. I've even run the i/o exercisor program and the hpil module is error free. These are the commands reccomended in the hp75 i/o rom manual for 75->85 communications.

Any advice?

By the way, after writing the above message I re-tried the above commands but this time using my hp71 and everything works fine. Does the 75 not attach a CRLF or something?



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