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I'm Jealous D.B.
Message #1 Posted by Norm on 15 May 2003, 6:24 a.m.

I'm jealous D.B., found at a garage sale where nobody wanted it.

Sounds like it works normally.... it is supposed to forget the 4 stack registers when U shut it off.

It remembers the display format (F sci 4 or whatever) and the registers and the program.

Try typing in 8.8888888 You will see the display go dark each button press. Now try typing in 2.2222222 Do you see the display flash (and the minus flash) each press? Luiz is calling that "2 disease". Its a weird bug present in only some units.

Try typing in sin(45) does the display blink with commas & stuff, or is it dark until displaying the answer?

You want display blanking. It seems like if it has the bug, the display is not blank all the time.

The healthiest units would not have the bug. Suggest at the first hint of trouble (most of these units were built w/o solder joints) dont use it unless it is restored by somebody.

Personally I think the display drivers DEGRADE into that condition when the connections all start getting loose and the chip subjected to flaky voltages, so dont run it if it acts squirrely.

Oh yeah and clean the power switch contacts and lubricate the metal with a drop of tri-flow each on a Q-tip.

- Norm

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