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run away! run away!
Message #1 Posted by Christof on 10 Jan 2003, 2:51 a.m.

After a LOT of entertaining, not entertaining, and downright stupid (in some cases) life vents, my abrupt hiatus is over. if anyone is owed email or screws or photocopies or anything please email!

and no sooner do I return to life than a professor over at UC Davis gives me a 41C to fix for him (serno 2049Axxxxx). It's well cared for but heavily used, and I still like the keyboard much better than my late production 41CX machine. it's a very noticeable difference when you put them side by side.

so, when powered on, it most often displays either the X register or a semirandom pattern of something like , ,,,,, (1234 PGRM ALPHA)

This does not hurt the function of the machine.

When you press alpha, it will temporarily blacken the right hand side of the lcd a bit. I'm thinking this is a pressure problem, but I'm not sure what the fix is, and I'd like a direction before I open it up.

I also am getting close to done with my "sanity project" - while doing all the travelling and funeraling and stressing I was building a text editor for the 42s with some basic "file" utils. text files are actually matrices in this case, as it seemed best.

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