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Good news from HP ?
Message #1 Posted by pyerre on 9 Jan 2003, 7:50 p.m.


I've got this info from the comp.sys.hp48 :

Any thought ?


Re: Good news from HP ?
Message #2 Posted by Glen Kilpatrick on 9 Jan 2003, 8:49 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by pyerre

I rather liked (pointed to by your URL).

But still, HP didn't get its "intensely loyal customers" by some web-based flash & sizzle (yeah, yeah, there wasn't a web then).

It's painfully obvious on the forum that we don't care if HP calcs are made on Venus by Martians, so long as they work well, contain RPN (well, maybe RPL), and have the legendary quality they once had. There was a long growth curve of better and more powerful calculators, and then the curve turned downward (we may differ on the year of the inflection point, but nobody says "better" nowadays).

The question is whether HP will _earn_ its glory and top ranking again by creating a superior product, and I'm just not sanguine, not yet. But I am willing to wait, to see what rabbit pops out of the hat. And thanks, Pyerre for the reference.

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