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75C Beep Problem Revisited - Audio this time
Message #1 Posted by Mike on 21 Dec 2002, 1:56 p.m.

Ok, since I didn't get any solution to my beep problem, I thought I'd provide a sound file so you can hear the problem.

Prior to the beep, the 75 is quiet. After executing the beep, there is a hissing sound (like white noies) after the beep. It continues until the 75 is powered down. When it comes back on, it is silent, until the beep.

The audio: 75C Beep noise

I have seen this on most of the 75s that have been removed from the expansion pod and only on the ones that have had the speaker removed. After reinstalling the correct speaker, this noise is present.

Anyone know what causes this? Does using this external connection with the expansion pod cause this failure?

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