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Re: HP41 Rechargable Battery Pack Repair Solution
Message #1 Posted by David Smith on 26 Aug 2002, 6:07 p.m.

I was getting the 150maH NiMH cells from TGWORKS before they went belly up. They had no manufacturer info on them, but Red said they were from Sanyo. I have not tried to find another source yet.

As far as 500 maH in a 1/3AAA cell, that would exceed the energy density available from any known chemical battery chemistry including lithium-ion. The original 1/2N cells were 70-80 maH, all my specs for Nicad 1/3AAA say 50 maH. I think the battery salesman who said they were 500 maH was inhaling some pretty special solder flux fumes ;)

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